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Smart sensor design
  • 12mm sensor shaft compatible with conventional electrochemical probes
  • The first and only system with two separate measurement channels for real-time referencing built into a shaft with 12 mm out diameter
  • Plug in the sensor directly to fixtures for pH or electrochemical oxygen probes
  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Internal data logger
  • IP67 / NEMA 6
  • Less expensive

Highly reliable
  • Modern optical technology with two separate measurement channels for real-time referencing
  • Monitoring of the health status and the status of the sensing element

Simple operation and very low maintenance
  • Pre-calibrated sensing element placed in robust cap for easy replacement
  • No fragile oxygen membrane and electrolyte-related problems
  • CIP-resistant and disinfectable
  • No consumption of oxygen
  • No cross sensitivity to e.g. CO2, H2S and no flow dependency

Versatile connection
  • Via RS485 and Modbus RTU protocol and 2x 4(0)-20mA (or 2x 0-5VDC for getOtwo 3301)
  • Separate trigger and alarm channel
  • USB converter and control software available optionally

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