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GetCON USB - bidirectional converter between USB and RS485 incl. power booster 12VDC
We realize you need to have the ability to connect your sensors quickly and easily to a computer, hence we developed a bidirectional converter between USB and RS485 incl. power booster 12VDC.
This accessory enables the communication with the sensor, using the “GetLabSoft” software for easy change of configuration parameters of the sensor.
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GetOtwo ACC IG - weight for 12mm sensors - to be used as immersion buoy
In order to handle the immersion of the sensor in water basins in case of field measuring, we have created getOtwo ACC IG
in two versions for different levels of immersion.
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GetCON PPA - docking station for Laboratory and Mobile Measurements
GetCON PPA (power point of access) is a docking station, which will support your laboratory and mobile measurements.
In case you don’t have a PC or a socket nearby the measurement area, we suggest a convenient solution.
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GetCON EXT 2m Cable - extension cable with open ends
This extension cable with it's open ends allows directly connection of our sensors to versatile control systems.
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Technical specifications and design for the purpose of improvement as well as prices are subject to change without notice.
Quotations merely serve as an orientation and cannot be regarded as a firm offer. Should you be interested in buying a product, please do not hesitate to contact our sales managers. (see top level)

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