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Easy-to-use spectroscopy software for automatic peak finding and identifying atomic lines and molecular bands in spectral data

Our Spec Line is a powerful software tool for evaluating your spectral data. The unique database for atoms and molecules makes line identification fast and easy. Many evaluation functions will support you in analysing and comparing your spectra. All common spectroscopic file formats are supported. Designed and developed by our spectroscopic experts, scientists and engineers will greatly benefit from this software tool.

    • Automatic peak finding of spectral lines and molecular bands
    • Identifying atoms, ions and molecules from the spectral data
    • Extensive data base for atoms, ions and molecules
    • Direct import of customary spectroscopic file formats
    • Independent search engine for an individual line search

Automatic peak finding
Spec Line is searching any spectrum for lines and band structures. Effective algorithms recognize and mark every structure in a very short time. Even difficult structures such as double lines, line shoulders and complex band structures will be recognized without problem. Peak finding and line searching can be done automatically or with given parameters, e.g. for data smoothing and noise values.

Identifying atoms and molecules
All marked peaks which were found whether automatically or by hand will be identified using the extensive data base. The Spec Line data base covers all transitions form the UV over the visible to the infrared spectral region. The modular set-up of the data base allows searching and identifying for selected elements only, which avoids senseless assignments and reduces the search time considerably.

Comparison of spectra
In order to compare different spectra up to 12 data files - even with different file formats - can be viewed and adjusted in one single window.

Data evaluation
Spec Line contains a lot of functions important for spectral data evaluation and analysis: data smoothing, peak value function, integral function, several calibration functions as well as arithmetic of spectra (+,-,*,/).

Element selection
The selection of atoms, molecules and ions for the line identification is carried out with using a periodic table and a selection list for molecules. Options for the line identification process can be stored in and loaded from configuration files.

Data base for atoms and molecules
The data base contains all important information for atoms, ions, molecules and molecular ions. The data base is continuously revised for the latest data. Users can choose between three data base versions according to their needs:
Version A: atoms and ions
Version AM: atoms, most of two-atomic molecules and their ions
Version AMS: atoms, all known molecules and ions

Database search
For an individual search for atomic lines and molecular bands Spec Line contains a search engine, which works independently from spectral data. The engine gives information about the transition of atoms or molecules or searches in a given wavelength range for specific elements.

Line information
Extensive information about the identified lines and bands are available: wavelength, intensity in relative units, f-values or Aik values, energy of the upper and lower level, transition, quantum number, etc.. These data can be saved in ASCII, Excel(CSV) and RTF files.

Data import
Spec Line reads all customary file formats from different acquisition programs: e.g. ASCII-, Binary, GRAMS-, 4SPEC-, MAPS, DaVis, WinSpec and getSoft-format. The file format and the wavelength and signal units are recognized automatically. If the wavelength unit is given in pixel, wave numbers or Angstrom, Spec Line suggests a conversion to nanometers, which is essential identification for atomic lines and molecular bands.

Data export
Analysed spectra can be saved in ASCII and binary format. For presentation graphical export filters are available: Bitmap (BMP) format, Windows Metafile (WMF) format and Corel Presentations (WPG) format.

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Upgrades from an existing version to a higher version possible.

System requirements: PC 486 or higher, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/ hard disk > 80 MB, CD-ROM

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