Photonics for future chemical sensing

SentrOxy aDO-50

The aDO-50 is an optical DO-Sensor that enables flexible integration possibilities via parallel digital RS485 or 2x 0/4-20mA interfaces, as well as easy access of functions (e.g., a DCS) for validation. Additionally, it contains integrated control functions, which allow customers to mitigate the development costs of programming thresholds or time-controlled functions. The aDO-50 also allows for direct control of up to two switching actuators. This compact sensor brings you high investment protection and maximum operational flexibility.


  • Has all features of the SentrOxy aDO-20
  • Extremely flexible, can be read out analog signals with 2 Analog interfaces and or digital with MODBUS over RS485. This flexibility may be of special interest to dealers or system builders that want to offer customer specific solutions. The design ensures your control is future-proof: it can be used today analog and digital when the time comes.
  • These 2 analog interfaces (e.g. 0/4-20mA) can directly output measured values e.g. to a PLC/DCS or to local displays. For each interface, you can configure the measured value output and unit (DO, temperature), scaling and the overlay of alarms. With the Sentro.IO it is also possible to set the complete analog measuring path up to the display without having to remove the aDO sensor from the installation.
  • This sensor comes optionally with an additional Hardware-Control-Unit for the 2 Analog interfaces to control local actuators (e.g. Solenoid-Valves, Feeders, Lamps)

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