Photonics for future chemical sensing

SentrOxy aDO-40

The aDO-40 is an optical DO-Sensor with digital RS485 interface that not only makes measurements; it also directly controls up to two switching actuators, e.g. a solenoid oxygen valve, in parallel. The device can be the basis for the most optimized, fully automatic, autonomous oxygen control at your tank or it can send signals via a signal lamp to let your employees know whether manual feeding is possible.


  • Has all features of the SentrOxy aDO-20
  • This sensor comes with an additional Hardware-Control-Unit and 2 Dig.IOs to switch local actuators (e.g. Solenoid-Valves, Feeders, Lamps)
  • It is the most affordable solution for fully automatic DO control directly at the point of measuring. It runs autonomously without the PLC and very little cabling is required. Measurement values and status values can be read out with special Sentro.IO TAGs to verify the correct running of the Sensor. This kind of installation makes the overall control more robust and reliable.
  • Alternative, control of the aDO-40 can be done via the PLS/DCS. This also offers high operational reliability. You can directly control the locally connected hardware and if this control is no longer available, e.g. due to a cable break, the local hardware control takes over this task until an external control is available again.

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