Photonics for future chemical sensing

SentrOxy aDO-20

The aDO-20 is far more than just an optical DO-Sensor with a digital RS485 interface. The aDO-20 was designed so that it's innovate features are as easy as possible to use.


  • For HMI/PLC/DCS/SCADA users
  • Public MODBUS interface
  • Easily configurable with interface from aDO-Sensor and a Mobile-App: no need to disconnect the sensor, no need to implement specific configuration registers, and can be used directly in the field
  • The Sentro.IO can also be used for example to read the current device status, the cap status, to select the set parameters of the Software-Control-Unit, and much more
  • Dynamic output slots let users show more values by rolling outputs in the light register than any existing display has available
  • Field adjustable in less than 2 minutes for DO or Temperature without needing disconnect the sensor from the installation. This is achieved using the smart Calibration Cuvette Sentro.IO CUV or the specific Sentro.IO Calibration-TAG for the Temperature. No extra software is required. This kind of adjustment is robust, reproducable and so easy that anyone can do it
  • Extensive self-monitoring of environmental conditions, e.g. measuring cap defective or run time close to end
  • Alarm-Functions: NAMUR Group-Alarms and detailed Alarm descriptions
  • Automatic Alarm when cap time is reached. No need to manage the measuring cap lifetime manually. The Cap-Lifetime is managed by the Cap itself.
  • Fully integrated mounting options for tube mounting, bite protection, etc. are available
  • POM housing: Robust for use in salt water and against biological contamination
  • Optional software control: validated controller results can be read out via MODBUS and no longer have to be programmed in the PLC/DCS. Control functions can get parameter sets configured, which can be selected with MODBUS-Registers

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