Photonics for future chemical sensing


SentrOxy aDO-20
The aDO-20 is far more than just an optical DO-Sensor with a digital RS485 interface. The aDO-20 was designed so that it's innovate features are as easy as possible to use.
SentrOxy aDO-40
The aDO-40 is an optical DO-Sensor with digital RS485 interface that not only makes measurements; it also directly controls up to two switching actuators, e.g. a solenoid oxygen valve, in parallel. The device can be the basis for the most optimized, fully automatic, autonomous oxygen control at your tank or it can send signals via a signal lamp to let your employees know whether manual feeding is possible.
SentrOxy aDO-50
The aDO-50 is an optical DO-Sensor that enables flexible integration possibilities via parallel digital RS485 or 2x 0/4-20mA interfaces, as well as easy access of functions (e.g., a DCS) for validation. Additionally, it contains integrated control functions, which allow customers to mitigate the development costs of programming thresholds or time-controlled functions. The aDO-50 also allows for direct control of up to two switching actuators. This compact sensor brings you high investment protection and maximum operational flexibility.
SentrOxy aDO-60
Do you want to measure, control switching actuators directly at the measuring point, display the measured values locally and remotely in the control system, and ensure that this all works in parallel? The aDO-60 is your optical DO sensor solution with digital RS485, 2x 0/4-20mA, 2x digital I/Os and many helpful features