Photonics for future chemical sensing
SentrOXY aDO-60

Sentronic - Your Partner for Smart Optical Sensors as well as Monitoring - and Control Systems

The business sector Sensors develops optical sensors based on fluorescence as well as optical thin-film effects. Our sensors are developed application-specific and with focus on series production. Our aim is to provide smart optical sensors within everybody's reach.

Our main product range comprises various optical gaseous or dissolved oxygen smart sensors, e.g. for dissolved oxygen in aquaculture applications or for trace application in nuclear power plants. Smart means that our sensors have options such as integrated control functions that can be parameterized by the user, a comprehensive self-monitoring, or even safeguards through a wide variety of authorization access controls. Data histories, such as a logbook or a calibration history, are just as much a matter of course as our radio interface, which is field-ready and secure for direct control, calibration and communication with the smart sensors.

These integrated functions enable autonomous operation if, for example, an external controller fails or the latency of data transmission is too high. This is safety in the sense of Industry 4.0.

In addition, we develop and manufacture smart monitoring and control systems for a wide range of installations in the aquaculture and water industries. These also comply with Industry 4.0 and IoT standards.

With nearly 30 years of experience in optical sensor technology, various international patents, we are also the right partner for your OEM products.

Please join us for a mutual successful partnership!


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Tel. +49 (0) 351 / 871 8437
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