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All-Quartz immersion probe 661.500

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All-quartz immersion probes have a probe head made of SUPRASIL« 300 quartz that is fused to a quartz tube forming a leak proof seal. For this reason, these probes are particularly useful for transmission measurements in corrosive solutions, where the use of metal probes is not practical.

The collimated light beam passes the solution to be measured only once, equivalent to a measurement in a cell. The use of a deflecting prism with two fully reflective surfaces leads to very low values for stray light.

Technical specification
Probe head materialQuarzglas SUPRASIL« 300
Barrel materialQuartz
Probe head sealdirectly fused
Outside ě probe head15mm
Outside ě quartz barrelSchliff NS 19/35
Total lengthapprox. 270mm (10mm light path)
Max. immersion depth120mm (10mm light path)
Light path1mm, 2mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm, 50mm
Typ. transmissionUV/Vis approx. 40% in air above 300nm
NIR approx. 40% in air above 400nm
Max. pressure0.5bar
Max. temperature150░C
Fiber-optic cablesnot included in delivery, available as accessory for UV/Vis and NIR spectral ranges

Last change 08/20/2007